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Commonwealth dog obedience training club

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Communications Policy

Last updated: May  2021

This policy sets forth the communication methods used, the structures behind them as well as sets a standard for appropriate content.  A committee is charged with keeping our website and social media operational.

CDOTC Website

The website platform is a membership management platform which allows the Club to handle membership and events efficiently. The members only portal allows Club information to be accessible anytime.  The website lessens the burden for the Club Secretary and Treasurer by automating processes and payments.

  1. Administration Accounts and Structure
    1. Administrator - full access to all backend and editing
    2. Read only Administrator – can see backend but not edit
    3. Limited administrator
      1. Membership manager - Current Secretary
      2. Financial manager - Current Treasurer
      3. Event manager - Current Training Director, instructor, organizer
      4. Website editor – 2-3 members that can help with making requested updates in a timely manner based on varying schedules of availability.
    4. Maintain a separate list of current admins, titles, etc. - On Member page
  2. Maintenance
  3. Content changes to the website need to be reviewed and approved by the Board.
  4. Adding events
    1. Process and information needed
      1. Complete a form) including basics of event, who is in charge and where to direct an email inquiry. Website editor sets up the event to. register, member or non-members, link to a Google form and have it email to event contact. Give a turn around time.
  5. Creating a Private Member page that list processes and How to’s
    1. How to post by myself - brags and member news
    2. How to post an event – done by an admin upon request
    3. Links to documents in Google Drive: Legal, policies, etc.
  6. Website email management
  7. Newsletters to entire membership or certain groups like the board only. A more formal way to send club news and classes to club members without using the google group email.
  8. Website Blog usage
    1. Do’s & Dont’s
      1. No posts that may be deemed sensitive and personal, i.e. political, religion, etc.

Google Group Email Account

The Club uses a listserv style email service where a specific email is used to email all the members.

  1. Admin
  2. Do’s & Don’ts
    1. No posts that may be deemed sensitive and personal, i.e. political, religion, etc.
  3. Enforcement of

Social Media Management

The Club uses Facebook to engage members and the local community. It is a secondary resource to our website for posting events and member brags. 

  1. Facebook Moderator admins - private members group and public page

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Barbara Perkins/Sharon Betts



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Sharon Betts


Member use

These digital communication channels have been established to facilitate conversations, share accomplishments and make announcements for active members. We expect all correspondence to remain courteous, respectful, ethical, and pertinent to the club. It is open for member conversations which meet the following guidelines:

1) shall not reflect actions prejudicial to the best interests of the club

2) shall not be shared outside of the club

3) shall not attack or in any way harass members of the club

4) Individuals shall not advertise specific items, companies, breeders or puppies

5) No individual GoFundMe or individual fundraising solicitations are allowed.

Administrators have final decisions on the appropriateness of any topic.

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